How to use as a Buyer

Register as a buyer

Register as a buyer by clicking the "submit my request" button, this will take you through the registration form.

Add your requests

Once you have added your details you will be asked to add Product requests by filling out the form, hitting add and then repeating for each Product item you need.

Submit and view account

When finished hit submit at the bottom of the page to add to the system. This will take you to your newly created account dashboard where you will see a table showing the Product requests you have made and their status as well the ability to add more requests.

Manage your enquiries

You can change the status of your requests using the drop down, this drop down allows you to set the status to "listed" (the default setting), "hidden" or "completed."

Our Categories and Sub Categories

These are the areas in which you can add items to sell or to buy, these will only show when there are products available in these categories.

View enquiries

When you start getting enquiries you will receive an email telling you so. On your account dashboard the relevant request will show that it has an enquiry, click on this to view all of the enquiries.


Within each enquiry you have the option to share your contact details with the prospective supplier(s). Check the 'Share my contact details' box and then click 'Update Supplier Enquiries' button to automatically send your details to the supplier(s).